Interior Design Services

Going through remodeling your home can be stressful. From picking colors, materials, contractors to enjoying your new home so many choices have to be made... it can become overwhelming. La Bâtisse is here to help you go through the remodeling and take your stress away.

You will learn few tips along the way that will help you in the future. Even people with good DIY skills can struggle with choices, planning, budget etc... La Bâtisse also offers, to their clients, lists of places to buy materials cheaper than your main hardware stores and who to work with. We go to the stores with you. If you want to make your remodeling eco-friendly, La Bâtisse can give you recommendations for green materials and options.

Space planning | Materials & finishing

Space planning

  1. Furniture arranging
  2. Reorganization of closets
  3. Improvement of storage space

Material & Finishing

  1. Paint colors
  2. Windows treatments
  3. Lighting
  4. Kitchen cabinets
  5. Kitchen countertops and backsplashs
  6. Floorings
  7. Fireplace refacing

We offer

  1. Project plan with checklist
  2. Tips to save money
  3. Shopping list
  4. Handyman & Craftsman list


The price vary depending on the number of topics and rooms. Contact La Bâtisse for an estimate.
Here are some pricing examples.

Kitchen remodel

  1. Paint
  2. Cabinets
  3. Countertop
  4. Backsplash

Living room

  1. Paint
  2. Window treatment
  3. Lighting



  1. Paint and overall ambiance
  2. Reorganization of closet